Loses a modeling assignment because of an allergic reaction. More importantly you

could do real damage to someone by simply not thinking. There are hundreds of
Superb safe products available on the net and from Theatrical and
Professional Makeup retailers. So please think before you paint!
Oh and the thing about not
covering the entire body isn’t authentic. It’s perfectly safe to do so… someone
has been watching too much James Bond (Goldfinger!) In the world of fetish some
Folks clad themselves entirely in rubber with nothing but a little straw
sticking out of their mouths to breathe, all that happens is they sweat a lot.
Most makeup is breathable to a certain extent, although if it is really thick a
model may sweat. Dri Clor or a truly strong antiperspirant used first

will do the trick, followed by a good dose of spray sealant once you are
Early in 1998, if you’d asked me to
describe myself, naturist wouldn’t have occurred to me. Eight months ago I still
would have been hesitant to call myself a nudist-in-procedure. Now, here I am,
“naked-in-front-of-the-computer” and writing about my fresh naturist lifestyle for
all the world. For me, the change was dramatic, profound, and personally
Becoming a nudist
Yes and no. Yes, many of
these changes have occurred in just a couple months. But no, since I understood
that in my heart I’ve been a nudist for at least 30 years. I’ve clear
memories of being youthful, joyful, and nude, skinny dipping or playing in the sand.
When more was eleven with a
friend named Jody we went out with our moms, my grandma, and another
Girl. The four grown ups disappeared after telling Jody and me to wait in the
Automobile. It was a beautiful summer day, warm and sunny. The woods beckoned us.
Somehow we got out of our clothes and out of the car. We fashioned some nature
Dancing with intricate measures and lots of “bottom hitting.” We were so wrapped up
in what we were doing, we never noticed the return of the four grown-ups. We
looked up just in time to see four chins together fall to the earth and
horrified looks replace previously smiling faces.
We were told several times
how poor we were. But when we pressed the issue, they could never tell us what we
had done wrong. Carrying our clothes away is erroneous? No, we do that every night
before our bathroom. Dancing in the woods nude? That may not be socially
Okay, but we were in a secluded location where no one saw us. Eventually,
they settled on humiliation. “You embarrassed me,” said my grandma. “That
is what you did wrong.”
For chinese nudists all ages that lesson
framed my actions. If taking my clothes away would embarrass someone, then I
should not do it. But I eagerly joined in scenarios which would not be
Here’s an example. Years
Afterwards, at a school fraternity party, there must have been 30 of us who sneaked
into the university pool one midnight. No one had suits, no one cared. We swam,
we hung out, we spoke. It was less sexually charged than the party at the frat
house. No one was sneaking off to the bedrooms upstairs.
For the record, when I met
Tony, who became my husband, I fell in love and never looked back–20 years now.
He and I ‘ve consistently loved being naked together; but until recently, our naked
Actions were quite traditional. We slept nude, read, watched television, but
Scarcely ventured beyond the bedroom door. Our kids regularly joined us in
television or reading, so they saw us naked. But doing something nontraditional,
like having a bare dinner, didn’t occur to us.
Fast forward to 1998. I
had the opportunity to visit with a high school friend whom I ‘d not seen in 25
years. We had a amazing time laughing, telling stories, and looking at
yearbooks. But like the old song, his happy cover hid an unhappy man. On the
surface, he had everything he needed: nice home, good job, fabulous car, lots of
friends. But one thing he said stuck with me: “I am not happy with my body.”
Now, this man had no
reason for that. At 180 cm he is a spare 77 kg. He plays tennis four times a
week, is in excellent shape, and is much better looking than he ever was in high
But I couldn’t get his
Remark out of my mind. It prompted me to wonder how I felt about my own body. I
could stand to lose several pounds, but I didn’t hate myself. I turned to my
source of all information, the Web, and began to read up on body
acceptance. This rapidly led to nudism and nudism, so I started to read around
them too. As I did, my thoughts moved forwards and back. Forwards to “I
would like to attempt this” and backwards to “I ‘ve attempted this, but a long time
In May I said to Tony, “I
have a very powerful craving to spend an extended period of time nude with you.” He
looked surprised but said OK. That very night, after we put the children to bed, we
decided to play bare backgammon. To be honest, we just managed to play about
half a game before the love hormones overcame us. Something about being naked, I
Estimate, led us to revert to a traditional task!