better! If its your first visit, you determine when or even if you need to disrobe!

Its normal to feel apprehensive on your first visit, but since you are in
control, you have nothing to lose by checking it out!
8. You can be you! It’s so refreshing to be around where nudity isn’t
sex, unlike advertisements, movies or TV. You don’t have to look like an actor or actress
from Baywatch! Nobody’s staring to see if you have a great body or if you are
Heavy or too thin! Nobody is checking you out in any way! It doesn’t matter if
your belly button is an inny or an outy! It is OK!
9. No sex! Everyone in a nudist park is having an orgy? NOT! That’s Myth
# 1! (People who think nudity is about sex find it a lot more suitable to go
to strip bars. Moreover, the naturist resort owners do not let those people in
anyways.) Lewd behaviour is NOT enabled. Ever!
10. Safety! You’re in a no-jerks zone! People treat you the way you want
to be treated. Issues are taken care of right away, particularly for girls, so
they don’t feel vulnerable. You will not run into problems like at public beaches
where people stare at bathing suits, giving their imaginations free reign.
11. Popularity and secrecy! You will be part of the group! Already,
thousands of Canadians are nudists. But nudism is completely private, so
nobody knows. Naturist parks are in unobtrusive, just private places, nicely back
from roads. Those who go accept newcomers anonymity. All naturists regard
Discretion. The only people who know you love nudism are those you tell.
And if you meet someone at a resort you know, don’t worry about it. They are
there for the same reasons as you, to have fun.
12. Skinny dipping! All those University of British Columbia pupils
can’t be wrong! You have learned about all those great topless and nude beaches
elsewhere on the planet, Europe, the Caribbean, Florida. But North America’s
second-biggest nude beach is Vancouver’s Wreck Beach, just at the foundation of a
cliff on the border of the University of British Columbia. On a hot summer day
You will find 12,000 nude people (UBC students wouldn’t cut class, would they?)!
There are smaller nude beaches in every state in Canada.
13. It doesn’t cost a lot! You do not put out the big bucks for a fun
14. It’s Natural! If people were meant to go nude, they’d have been
born that way!!!
15. ! BONUS!
Human sexual behaviour including accomplishment of sexual arousal through viewing
the sexual activities of others or through viewing others disrobe. To some
extent voyeurism is widespread; various types of sexual display are a ordinary
part of sexual attraction and mating behavior in many animals, including humans,
but voyeurism is considered a deviant behavior when observation stops to be
Only one factor in sexual appeal and becomes the sole or primary source of
gratification. The danger of being found is an added element in the
Delight of the voyeur.
The following was written by a youthful member of the Federation of Canadian
Naturists. It’s used with their permission.
1. It’s enjoyable! Of course, it is not for everyone, but then, neither is
Madonna nor the Red Hot Chili Peppers, NBA basketball nor Batman. But once most
young couples and boyfriends/girlfriends try it, they come back. Why? Because
It is interesting. You probably know people who have vacationed at nude beaches, who
skinny-dip in their backyard pool or who lounge around the house nude. Why not?
2. It’s healthy! Besides improved self esteem, the sun relieves anxiety,
provides you with Vitamin D, a suntan with SPF 4 protection and helps clear acne.
Naturists do not overdo their time in the sun; they tan safely with a sunblock.
3. It feels good! You know how gross those jeans and bra straps feel on a
hot steamy day? Or that wet swimsuit when you come out of the water! No more!
Trade it in for the feeling of wind on your own back and the sun on your body! Trendy!
4. Self-esteem! You will feel great about yourself! Nudity helps you become
more open and accept yourself for whom you’re, not whether you measure up to
the supermodels you see in advertisements. Welcome to a place that does not quantify value
as a human being by body size! It makes you a more powerful, more confident individual.
5. Be yourself! You can express your individuality! Everyone recognizes you
as you are, whether you have a disability, are heavy, dyed your hair

purple, or have a great tattoo your friends hate. People are attracted by ! Everybody’s different, and that’s respected!
6. So much to do! Volleyball, swimming, basketball, suntanning, golf,
tennis, and all sorts of other activities. There’s just about anything youd do
at any campground or strand. Just more.
7. You are in full control! You decide when you arrive and leave. You
decide what to do when you’re there! Just like if you went to the strand. But
better! If its your first visit, you decide when or even if you need to disrobe!
Its normal to feel apprehensive on your first visit, but since you are in
control, you have nothing to lose by checking it out!