The Top 15 Way Awesome Reasons To Spend a Day or a Weekend at a Nudist Campground/Shore

Written by a teen nudist for adolescents!

1. You are able to be you! It is so refreshing to be somewhere where nudity isn’t sex, unlike ads, pictures or TV. You don’t have to look like an actor or actress from Baywatch! Nobody’s staring to see if you possess a great body or in the event you are overweight or too skinny! Nobody is checking you out whatsoever! It’s OK!

2. No sex! NOT! That is Myth # 1! (People who think nudity is about sex locate it far more suitable to really go to strip bars. Besides, the naturist resort owners do not let those individuals in anyways.) permitted. Ever!

3.Safety. You are in a no-jerks zone! People treat you the way you would like to be handled. Difficulties are taken care of right away, especially for girls, so that they do not feel exposed.

4. Popularity and confidentiality! You will be part of the group! Already, a large number of Canadians are nudists. But nudism is totally secret, so nobody understands. Naturist parks are in unobtrusive, just private places, well back from roads. People who go take newcomers’ anonymity. All naturists respect confidentiality. The only individuals who understand you appreciate nudism are those you tell. They are there for exactly the same reasons as you, to have fun.

5. Skinny dipping! All those University of British Columbia students can not be wrong! But North America’s second-largest nude beach is Vancouver’s Wreck Beach, merely at the base of a cliff on the border of the University of British Columbia. On a hot summer day you’ll find 12,000 nude people (UBC students wouldn’t cut class, would they?)! Write us for more information.

6.It does not cost a lot! You do not put out the big bucks for a fun time.

7. If people were meant to go nude, they’d have been born this way!!!

8. It is interesting! But after most young couples and boyfriends/girlfriends attempt it, they come back. Why? As it’s entertaining. You probably know those that have vacationed at nude beaches, who skinny-dip in their own backyard pool or who lounge round your house nude. Why not?

9. It is healthy! Naturists do not overdo their time in tan safely with a sunblock.

10. Or that wet swimsuit when you come out of the water! No more! Trendy!

11. Self-esteem! Welcome to a place that does not measure value as a human being by body size! It makes you a more powerful, more confident person.

12. Be yourself! You are able to express your identity! Everyone accepts you as you are, whether you have a disability, are heavy, dyed your hair purple, or have a terrific tat that your friends despise. Individuals are attracted by your character! Everybody’s different, which is respected!

13. Volleyball, swimming, basketball, suntanning, golf, tennis, and a variety of other tasks. There’s just about whatever you’d do at any campground or beach. Simply more.

14.You’re in full control. You decide when you arrive and leave. You decide what things to do when you are there! Just like if you went to the beach. But better! When it’s your first visit, you determine when or even if you intend to disrobe! It is normal to feel apprehensive in your first visit, but since you are in control, you’ve nothing to lose by checking it out!